Muse is a process that helps sort through the ambiguity of Bringing A Film To life


Clear Milestones every step of the way

Muse offers clear metrics and concrete milestones for developing your film and checking your success every step of the way. Supercharge your collaboration.

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Designed for filmmakers

Designed for filmmakers in the non-narrative space (aka those working with real people in their films)–Muse helps you make the most of every opportunity.

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Field-Tested by folks like you

Muse is a process that has empowered thousands of filmmakers across the globe. Heck, it's even taught in several universities and used by some of the biggest brands out there.


here's how to Start Your Muse Journey


Learn Muse with an online course

A comprehensive online course with video tutorials, worksheets, and real-world case-studies all designed to give you a deep understanding of how to craft films with the Muse Process. 

Use Muse with our Storybuilder software

Storybuilder helps you develop your creative using the Muse Process. It's a powerful collaboration tool for your team and clients. Storybuilder works best when paired with a Muse course.


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