Muse is a process used by and for the most legendary brands

Muse is a step-by-step process for developing remarkable stories


The Muse process helps guide you and your team through creative development with a series of milestones that ensure you'll end up with an emotionally felt story that drives action.


Find & develop irresistible people for your video and ensure your story is emotionally felt.

Learn how to find unexpected and relevant places that will draw the viewer into your story.

Learn how to communicate a clear purpose behind your story and ensure all stakeholders remain aligned.

Develop a powerful story structure to ensure your audience is engaged from the first to last frame.

How You Can Empower Your Craft With Muse


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A step-by-step process to help filmmakers develop their stories with incredible intention and clarity. Create videos that move your audience and delight your clients. 

Storybuilder software

Storytelling software to help organize and develop your creative. Easily collaborate, share with clients, and use story templates for even faster results.


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