Muse has told stories with, and for, some of the most legendary brands.


sadly, story has become a buzzword

We are out to change that. 

Story is that ancient fire-side tradition. It's the ability to let you walk in my shoes, feel what I feel, and see what I see. A great story sweeps you up, sends you spinning, and leaves you all together changed. We are storytellers in the purest sense of the word. We study the science of story and are always evolving in our use of the craft.


educational resources

We offer online courses, webinars, and a 14-week Muse Film School. We also love to develop personalized story training for groups. 

storyfinding + filmmaking

Our anthropologists do extensive research with your audience to find the right character and develop a story that will drive the most impact. We then bring that story to life in a film



Reviews of Muse by leading thinkers and filmmakers

Muse takes the art of narrative and turns it into a science. There is no better way to tell your story.
— Paul J Zak, Neuroscientist in Story, TED Speaker

I am blown away by Muse. It’s a stunning and perfectly articulated synthesis of so many storytelling philosophies and lessons.
— Alex Buono, DP of Saturday Night Live

Muse takes the film school model and turns it on its head. It’s for those who want to tell stories that mean something to themselves and to their audience.
— Kurt Lancaster, Professor and Author