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filmmaker AND
Founding Partner at Reel23Films

Keywords: inspired, adventurous, thoughtful, soulful, passionate

Physician turned filmmaker with an unquenchable thirst for stories that leave people feeling inspired. Also survivor of lightning strike, Ironman, and maker of hole in one.


independent filmmaker

Keywords: gift, spark, revitalize, handmade, connect

Self developing filmmaker, editor and storyteller. I love mind bending art, different cultures and going on adventures. I'm a kid a heart.


independent filmmaker

Keywords: hope, beauty, experience, justice, bridge

Josh’s passion is to creatively engage viewers through well-told stories that make a difference. In his free time he enjoys going skiing, camping, hot springing, eating foreign food, and watching the Iditarod.


filmmaker and creative director at reel23films

Keywords: soul, inspiration, texture, intention, synchronicity

Filmmaker and Creative Director interested in weird things such as coincidence, the nature of consciousness, igloos and bicycles.


creative director at studioc3

Keywords: creative, challenge, perspective, moving, significant

I've interviewed the co-founder of the NASDAQ, had drinks with 2 of the Beatles ex-wives, toured an art icon's NYC studio with the man himself, had a music legend cook me an English breakfast in his Catalina condo, and played John Lennon's guitars. In the words of Cary Grant, "It's fun being me."


independent filmmaker

Keywords: equity, discovery, bridge, empower, catalyst

Working in digital communications at an international NGO non-profit advocating for women's rights. Driven by sharing stories that will change how people view others and the world we live in. Passionate about giving people tools and skills to creatively express themselves.


Founder/CEO at Stockholm Social Innovation Lab

Keywords: learning, passion, close, strategic, social change

Founder/CEO of Stockholm Social Innovation Lab, a start-up doing storytelling with video and podcast. Stories that unites us.

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