we've been trusted to tell the stories of legends, we've won a handful of emmy's, but more than that–we live for what we do.


What is strategic filmmaking?


At Muse, our focus is on crafting films that create community and connection. We do this by listening to your audience and developing real and authentic characters along with a plot structure that will deeply resonate with that demographic.

In a nutshell, we love to learn about your audience, find the best characters and stories among them, and then create a film that’s both engaging and emotionally moving.

We believe you need to guide the heart to move the mind. Emotion is the gateway to action. And story is the best means of moving the masses.

Telling the right story, in the right way, can shift perspectives, inspire action, and spark movements.


Our Specialties


Audience Insights

Using ethnographic methods, we research the lived experience of your audience and learn how to best communicate with them.



Story Finding

Using our patent-pending storytelling process, we’re able to find the strongest characters and real-life stories that exist as massive opportunities for your brand. 



Creative Development

At Muse, our focus on creating films that drive Narrative Transportation–which is a concept related to the experience of being transported into a story. In the scientific literature, this has been proven to be highly correlated with creating action and attitude change consistent with the story itself.



Film Production

Once we've developed the strongest story to achieve the defined goals, we love to bring the final film to life with our decade of Emmy-Award-winning filmmaking experience. We handle production and post for a consistent and efficient process.


Want To learn more?

Get in touch and we'd love to share more about our process, learn about your goals, and see if the Muse Team is the right fit.