we've been trusted to tell the stories of legends, we've won a handful of emmys, but more than any that–we live for the story.


the shortest distance between two people is a story

Here's why.


Narrative transportation

A great film has the ability to make the audience become one with story. In many ways, they enter the story world and lose access to the real world around them–what the scientific literature calls Narrative Transportation. The amount a viewer is transported into the narrative is correlated with belief change, action, and reduction of social stigma.

We focus on developing a story structure that is highly transportive for your audience.


character identification

A powerful character is one that the audience goes beyond liking and feels a deep connection to. This state is called Identification and one of its most profound effects is that the audience can internalize the goals of the character. They want what the character wants, and they can experience the same emotions as the character.

We specializing in finding the perfect character that your audience will identify with.


the 2+2 over the 4

A strong story takes the viewer on a journey. Along the way, we allow them to see what we see and come to their own conclusions. We're bombarded by over 4,000 ads/day, and the last thing anybody needs is to be told what to do or how to act. Story has the ability to give you audience an experience so that they can feel and understand why what you do matters.

We painstakingly develop a story structure that allows your audience to go on a journey and experience the value of what you do.


here's what we do best


opportunity analysis

Using ethnographic methods, we research the lived experience of your audience and learn how to best communicate with them.


Story Finding

Using our patent-pending storytelling process, we’re able to find the strongest characters and real-life stories. 


Creative Development

We develop a story with characters your audience will identify with and a story structure they'll be transported into. Our approach is a blend of art and science.


Film Production

Once we've developed the strongest story to achieve the defined goals, we love to bring the final film to life with our decade of Emmy-Award-winning filmmaking experience. We handle production and post for a consistent and efficient process.


Want To learn more?

Get in touch and we'd love to share more about our process, learn about your goals, and see if the Muse Team is the right fit.