Encourage somebody close to you to tell that story they've always been dreaming of.


Gift the best storytelling course on the planet, complete with 1-on-1 support, and a personalized video right inside the card.


what's in the collection

Personalized 'Tell Your Story' Film

Each and every collection that goes out is personalized to the person you're gifting it to. You'll get an Emmy-Award winning storytelling team inviting them to tell their story.


Personalized Support And Lifetime Access

With your purchase, you're gifting lifetime access to the Complete Muse Storytelling course. It's been specifically designed to be highly interactive and help with the creation of their story.


Concierge Service For The Online Learning

Inside the package is a custom username and password already setup. All they have to do is go to ForTheLoveOfStory.org and get started.


how it works


Step 1. you choose the lucky one

Choose whom you'd like to give the gift of story to. When you purchase this collection, you'll be invited to answer a short survey about them and the story they've always wanted to tell.


STEP 2. We make the film

We'll use what you shared with us to craft a custom video inviting them to develop and share that story they've always been dreaming of (more on how that happens down below).


STEP 3. you get a sneak peak

We'll send you a preview of the film before the package gets mailed out. This way we'll ensure the message is touching and true.


STEP 4. the collection is sent off

We'll make your gift of story anywhere worldwide using an express courier to ensure it arrives safe and sound (and on time).


STEP 5. THE magic happens

This is one gift that won't soon be forgotten. From the custom designed box to the personalized video inside, it's sure to be the highlight of the holidays.


due to supplier issues, we're not able to offer the gift of story in time for this holiday season.

Our apologies if you were looking forward to this opportunity. We are hoping to introduce it in the future. You're welcome to email us if you'd like some custom story-giving ideas.


We've told stories for some of the most legendary brands.