Meet The Muse Team

We're a band of passionate storytellers, Storm chasers, and sooth sayers. 


Patrick Moreau, founder of muse storytelling

MY PERSONAL KEYWORDS: Perspective, Journey, Growth, Curious, Story

I am, quite literally, obsessed with story. No, not that word ‘story’ that often gets tossed around with little meaning. The story that refers to the timeless tradition shared well before we had written language. I believe that story is unparalleled in it’s ability to bring people together.

I've worked for some big brands, directed several documentaries, won some Emmy’s, but more than any of that, i'm a real dude that loves the craft of filmmaking and how it’s a skeleton key to unlock so much wonder in this world.


Siouxsie Alarcon, Director of operations

MY PERSONAL KEYWORDS: Inquisitive, Playful, Loyal, Diplomatic, Adventure

I'm from a long line of story tellers, jokesters and pranksters.  

Storytelling is in my blood.  I've been doing it professionally for the last 20 years.  The most important thing I learned from that experience was respect of the story.  Is it honest?  Does it truly touch people?

The philosophy and backbone of what Muse stands for, is something deep down aligned with my beliefs. 



Kathryn Giroux, story strategist

MY PERSONAL KEYWORDS: Learner, Shared, Experience, Challenge, Thoughtful

Whether I was stepping into the role of English teacher or traveler—of refugee services coordinator, volunteer, or friend—I’ve spent most of my life listening, trying to deeply understand the people and world around me, embracing any new character or narrative I might encounter.

Because long before I became Muse Storytelling’s lead Muse Guide and Story Coach, I knew that stories were our most powerful tool to transform generations. Today, I’m devoted to the continual development of our storytelling university. I feel most inspired when I can help others harness the power of story to connect people to the things they care about, and create a lasting impact in their communities.


Ryan Bennett, lead developer

MY PERSONAL KEYWORDS: Mindful, Empathy, Knowledge, Family, Efficiency

I want my work to make other people's lives better. I love that the work I do helps people focus their creative energy, and in an indirect way, helps shine light on some of the most important untold stories today.

I have been a software engineer for almost a decade and have worked in pretty much every tall building in Milwaukee. 
All 4 of them.



MY PERSONAL KEYWORDS: Fulfilled, Wild, Compassionate, Empowered, Aspire

There is one question I constantly ask myself. How can I best make a positive impact? I do this in raising my two kind and compassionate sons and in setting an example that it is ok to go after your dreams. In a world where people are labelled and judged, I need to be different.

I make things happen, solve problems, and more than anything, love spending my time discovering the unfamiliar. 


Melanie Hall, designer + user experience

MY PERSONAL KEYWORDS: Purposeful, Engaged, Depth, Encourager, Perspective

There are few things I love more than listening to another person’s story. One of my greatest desires is for those around me to be understood and know their worth. As a creative, I’m committed to affirming the dignity and value of all people and helping to break down stereotypes and stigma.

I believe story is the most powerful way for us to see things from a different perspective and engage with others, so I’m passionate about sharing remarkable stories and encouraging others to do the same! No matter the medium, meaningful work to me, is really about connecting with people.


ivy staker, community success specialist

MY PERSONAL KEYWORDS: Connection, Tenacity, Integrity, Growth, Kindness

I’m deeply intrigued by people and their stories - the things that make them tick - and endlessly fascinated by the infinite variations in the ways that human beings view and experience the world. From a tiny island in Western British Columbia, my curiousity has propelled me around the globe - up Kilimanjaro, across Spain, and around Iceland - each journey serving to further cement my belief in the profound power of community. 

I aim to practice radical empathy in my daily life, helping people to share their stories and build their communities, one connection at a time.