Day 16 - At the Printers!

I never thought i'd have so much fun staring at a monitor, waiting for a printer to spit out paper. Well, I did and it was probably one of my favorite moments from the shoot so far.

You see, it wasn't about the printer, nor what we were able to shoot when we were there. It was about the birth of an idea, working hard to figure out how we could do it and finally, seeing it come to life, just as we had imagined.

It started around two weeks ago at the office of Fusion Books, Mel's & Cliff's first business. I was looking for props to use for an art directed scene we were putting together and had been invited to look for any old yearbooks that would help. I spotted a yearbook that the Fusion Books team had put together for themselves in 2011. I of course took it back to show the team to see if there was a way we could use it strengthen the story.

Patrick took one look at it and thought up a pretty amazing idea on how we could bring the story to life through a real life printer, an idea that we could see the potential in but needed a bit of working out to get there.

It took some time to get everything together, and leading up to it you would have been forgiven for asking if it was worth it. I can tell you that standing there and watching the idea come to life, knowing the challenges that were overcome to get there, it was most definitely worth it.