Day 10. We're pitching to distributors!

We're off to Screen Forever here in Australia. Think speed dating for distribution. We get 5 minutes to pitch, then 5 minutes to discuss. In total we have 4 meetings lined up with companies from Universal to some lesser known agencies. 

This video is from right before we went into the pitches.

All of our pitches went well. We had one person really engaged, while the others were interested but had more requirements they'd like us to meet before we talked again.

The biggest surprise for me was that nobody cared about the story or the characters. I expected some sort of questions about the arc, how it was getting put together, or anything story. Nope. It was all about the selling points, demographics, and why people would watch.

We did get a couple cards with people who were interested in reviewing the film once we had something to show.

One was interested if we hit a minimum of 75 minutes to make it a feature over here. Others felt it was a better fit as a series, which we're hoping to turn this into, where each episode follows one character (think Chef's Table but for tech founders).

And other suggested going for interviews with some of the larger everyday tech companies like Uber or AirBnb. It's a worthwhile consideration but not fitting with our keywords (Australia) and changes the scope dramatically.

We'll continue to follow-up with those we met and it was certainly a worthwhile experience. We are still early in the process and need to start putting this film together!