Day 15 - Our date with a VC

You can't make a film about tech companies without talking about the cash. So when all the interviews with the founders were done, we met with a Venture Capitalist that bets millions on the founders of tech companies.

We wanted to explore why they take cash, what it means and what separates the few that are successful to the vast majority that fail.

And here is the video on how we put the interview together:

For more tips on just how we pulled together the points needed for Rick's interview check out the steps below.

1. Open up the build section of your story

2. Select the relevant timeline from your plot drafts

3. In the 'filter by character' field, select the character you are interviewing

4. You will see the plot points that have been used on the timeline

5. That's it! Structure your interview questions on what you can see selected and you are ready to roll!

Hit us up with any questions relating to the interview or building your story in Storybuilder!