Day 8. Interviewing Andre of Vinomofo

What a day! We just wrapped a nearly 2 hour interview with Andre and whoa, was it ever powerful. That dude has got energy, passion, and he surely keeps it reel.

These dudes from Vinomofo are going to make the film so much better. So so happy to have gotten them on board for the film.

Today's video takes you through the bts of the interview setup for Andre. Remember, all this content is totally free. And these days are hella long already without adding on this extra video. So if you'd like to support us, please hit the share button!

And if you're curious how the interview turned out, here's a frame grab from the tight shot (85mm on the Epic-W at 5K).

I just love this–something else we shot today–96fps of somebody on team Mofo doing the wine tasting. Look at that love :)

We interview Justin tomorrow AM and then another handful of broll scenes! Wish us luck.