Dec 16th–Making Magic Happen

It's our last day here at the studio and the goal is to have a rough cut, from beginning to end, by the time we leave.

We started at about 9am and will likely be here until 2 to 4am. Now I don't say that to promote the long days and crazy hours, but to share the reality of what we need to do to get this done on time, and in the way we'd like.

The first half of today is finishing up two storylines, and then after dinner we bring it all together (while trying to strengthen the hook).

First up, here's a video of how we're using the Emmy to break up the light as we do some photoscapes.

Now the key with these photoscapes is to make the backgrounds relevant, but also unique for each story.

We went stainless for the garage startup days.

We used an art mat for Canva (the graphic design company)

And then we took a photo of a magazine spread, printed it on magazine stock, then recreated the magazine to get this shot. #storyfirst

After all that, we went to Burgerville to get a shot of the checklist in the bathroom. This tied into a line Luke said in his interview. Now, getting permission from a chain woulda been way too tough, so we went with the 'ask for forgiveness, instead of permission' route.

It's 7pm here and we still have a good 7 hours in us. Keep the good vibes coming as we look to export a full 45-60 minute film before we sleep!