We've told stories for some of the most legendary brands.

these two stories are critical to nonprofit success


Whether your delivering a talk, writing a blog post, launching a campaign, or making a video–understanding these two stories, and how to tell them, will create incredible connection with your nonprofit.


The Origin Story

The story of how a nonprofit came to be. This story helps to attract people (donors, volunteers, etc) to your nonprofit.

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The Impact Story

The story of the work the nonprofit does and the impact it has on people. This story helps to raise funds by connecting your audience to the real people you're helping.


what you'll learn

Develop your deeper why.

As Simon Sinek says "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." We'll help you find and develop the deeper why into a compelling story.

It's time to stop selling and start telling.

Nobody likes asking for money. But we all LOVE to hear a great story. We'll show you how to speak to the heart to move the mind. 

Help them feel your cause.

Emotion guides our decision making. Your ability to attract donors and raise funds is largely dependent on how much you can make your audience feel something.


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