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the single biggest thing you need to find in a strong character

Having strong characters is where a powerful story starts. And there is one element that a strong character always has. We'll show you what to ask and how to discern which people are best for your story. 


Learn how to use the places in your story to create trust with your audience.
Learn how to develop a series of 5 keywords that will clarify, and help you communicate, the goal of the story.

how to find and develop conflict within your story

Conflict is the fuel that propels your story. It immediately engages the audience and creates a powerful question in their mind.

The challenge is knowing how to find conflict in an authentic way, and how to tastefully weave it into your commercial, documentary, or nonprofit story.


a step-by-step approach to develop your story structure

There may be nothing worse than pouring your heart into a piece only to have your audience shut it off before it's done. Knowing how to lay out all the potential plot points and then assemble just the right ones, in the right order, is a vital skill that's sure to transform your storytelling.  

Learn the 6 Essential plot points that ensure for an engaging story, one that will hold your audience all the way through.
Learn the Big 3 Things that are key to finding and developing irresistible characters.

where to look, what to ask, and how to dig deeper

Knowing how to approach a story with an open mind and curious heart may be one of the most overlooked, yet critical, skills in storytelling. The craft of Listening is broken down in this 60-page ebook which you can download inside the course.


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