Story Strategy and Consulting

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Patrick Moreau
Amina Moreau
Kathryn Giroux
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Patrick Moreau
Amina Moreau
Kathryn Giroux

Story Strategy and Consulting

from 997.00

Mistakes in storytelling are costly–ending up over-budget, not impressing the client, or missing out on a real opportunity for something special.

We’ve designed our story strategy sessions to help give you additional confidence and clarity in your creative while also offering an additional perspective from our team of story experts.

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Here are some of the ways folks are currently using Story Strategy with us:

  • To develop a large pitch and help increase their odds of landing the gig.
  • For a large project, such as a feature documentary, where you're the creative and wants support in bringing the story to life.
  • For agencies or companies who do in-house production and want a story expert to help them develop a story that you'll produce yourself (or via another avenue).
  • For small studios looking to accelerate their growth by getting consistent feedback on your work offering greatly increased clarity on weak spots to focus on moving forward.


We offer several different levels of Story Strategy. Please contact us ([email protected]) if you're looking for a custom solution for your project.

Project Story Strategy. 

This is a collection of three consults (beginning, middle, and ending) where we help you all the way through a project. We'll start with a survey to understand your goals and the broader context around your project to ensure that our advice is realistic. Pricing varies from $997-1,997 depending on your chosen strategist.

Growth Hacking Bundle. 

This is a collection of 10 strategy consults with the larger goal of helping you greatly develop your own creative abilities. Here our focus is less on the individual projects and more on helping you get a baseline of where you're at and then developing a clear growth plan with aggressive milestones. Our check-ins then take a variety of forms where we'll review your portfolio, help as you develop new creative, and do general check-ins to ensure your goals are on track. Pricing varies from $1,497-3,997 depending on your chosen strategist.

The Benefits of a Story Strategy Session

  • Get A Mega-Mind behind Your Story. Over-deliver, blow them away, and make the most of your opportunity.
  • More Clarity equals More Profits. More clarity means you can focus your time in production and streamline the post-production process.
  • Long-Term Dividends. More than just the one story, getting pushed creatively will spark new ideas and approaches for your future projects. Help get visibility on your blind spots and biases.

How it works

  1. Purchase your session right here. When you purchase a story strategy session your chosen strategist will get in touch to kick things off.
  2. Complete your story objectives questionnaire. This It will help lay the groundwork for an incredibly production strategy session. The questionnaire helps us understand where you're at in your career, your client (if you have one), any budget or time constraints (to ensure our advice is practical), and your goals for our time together.
  3. Book your time slot. Once you complete the questionnaire you'll be sent a private link where you can book your appointment(s) with your strategist. Times are generally Monday to Friday from 9-6pm PST but you can work with your strategist directly if evening or weekend appointments are needed.


Choose your story strategist when you book.

Patrick Moreau is the founder of Muse Storytelling and a Stillmotion partner. He's won 5 Emmy's for his work with Stillmotion, completed 4 feature-length documentaries (directing two of them), and delivered over 100 in-person workshops across a dozen countries worldwide. Check out his Tedx talk on How to Unleash Your Inner Superpower–Story.

Amina Moreau is the managing partner (and a co-founder) of Stillmotion. She leads the commercial division and spends most of her week as a Creative Director. She's directed films across the globe with budgets up to $400k. Check out her speaker reel here.

Kathryn Giroux is our lead Muse Guide and Story Coach. She's helped develop the curriculum for all of our courses and deeply understands the Muse Process and the science behind it. Her background is International Studies and she's spent a good deal of time teaching English overseas to help refugees. Kathryn is a true storyteller (not a filmmaker) so her story strategy focuses on character development and story structure over the technical filmmaking aspects.