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craft your story in just 4 steps


1. add the people in your story

Whether you know who is in your video or not, add the people who may be in your video to Storybuilder. Attach pictures, leave detailed notes, and give others the ability to quickly get to know anybody in your video.


2. Add the potential plot points

Within every video, there is 'stuff' that happens. Each main event, scene, or moment can be added to Storybuilder as a Plot Point. Connect a Plot Point to related people, add notes and pictures, and even tag it as one of the main moments in your story. 


3. define the objective 

The vast majority of conflict within your team or with your clients is due to a lack of goal clarity.

Storybuilder gives you prompts that aid in developing 5 Story Keywords. 

Defining the Story Keywords is a guaranteed way to drastically reduce revisions while increasing your team's connection to the work.


4. build your story

Drag the key plot points into a timeline, see how they fit into the overall beginning/middle/ending of the story, and try different story structures.

In the end, you can export to a PDF Storyboard in just a click–complete with images, titles, and descriptions on each panel.


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seemlessly collaborate with your team

Miscommunication is the ultimate killer of efficiency. With Storybuilder, it's easy to keep your team and clients on the same page, from pitch to post.



Don't just hope your story will connect. Know it will. Storybuilder guides you through the process of crafting a compelling story that engages audiences and delights clients.


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Stronger stories attract better clients. Higher efficiency and fewer revisions mean better profit margins. Put Storybuilder to work in your filmmaking business, and watch it work its magic.



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better collaboration is at the core of storybuilder

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Export and share your creative as a PDF in just seconds.

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Invite others to join your story as a viewer or storyteller.


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Each story has a chat built in, so discussing the creative is easy. 


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