Join us for the storytelling experience of a lifetime.


AS PART OF OUR ORIGINAL WEB-SERIES, BETTERHUMAN.TV, WE’RE OPENING UP 3 SPOTS PER EPISODE FOR YOU TO JOIN US IN THE CREATION OF A POWERFUL STORY. will feature intimate stories of incredibly inspiring people from around the world, their journey, and the biggest thing they want to share with the world.

Join us for the the storytelling experience of a lifetime meeting the people of Okinawa, Japan, where the locals enjoy the world’s highest life expectancy.

Or discover the story of Martin Interbitzen. When Martin was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2012, he read on the internet that the average survival time for pancreatic cancer is up to three years. In the middle of his chemo Martin decided to sign up for a triathlon despite never practising endurance sport before.

Finding the right story leads us to creating something that truly matters and that people are able to connect to. We have an opportunity to use our craft to affect change, to truly move and inspire people.

The Experiential Masterclass allows you to be a part of all aspects of putting together remarkable stories. As a team, we'll develop the creative, meet the characters, tackle the production, and bring the story together in post.

We’ve launched two episodes thus far which have been featured on many sites, television, have captured a vimeo staff pick, and have over 5 million views.


Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. THE EXPERIENTIAL MASTERCLASS IS AN INVESTMENT OF $3497. 



*No payment is required to apply.